I am currently slowly updating and renewing many of the animations on the site. The following pages have all been upgraded and renewed. They all have been tested in IE6 and above, Safari 2.0 and above, Netscape 6 and above and the latest version of Mozzilla. In the main they are compliant with Xhtml 1.0 and CSS standards. The pages may not degrade gracefully in older browsers at the moment, so I have moved but left accesible the old pages for older browsers, you can get to them through the old animations links at the bottom of the page. This page may not degrade as gracefully as I would like on older browers. I am working on it ;)

Flash animations need the flash plug in to view.They also need different slightly more difficult coding to place them on your pages. Gif animations are easier, but you cannot always achieve the same effect with gifs.

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Flying Dragons - Animated Gifs website image

Two pages of dragons. Some new and some old but refreshed and now transparent.

Flying Dragons - Flash website image

A page of flying dragons. Feel free to use these on your websites.. just keep to the copyright instructions and don't forget.. I can change them for you! (this page will not work as intended in old browers that don't support transparent flash.)

Run your mouse over the red link text for a screenshot from each page.


These pages have not yet been updated. I am planning to revamp the animations, add more flash versions and add more to each area. There are also links here to the old versions of each section which may be more accesible if you have an older pre IE. 6 browser. Do write on my blog if you have any special requests or ideas for animations to add to my upddate list.
not for the fainthearted
cobra and tree snakes
crawling and smoking!

The original dragon pages, with links to smoking dragons etc. View these instead of the new ones if you have IE5

Nowadays with all the great things you can do with css, bars are not really needed but here they are anyway.

colourful bars to brighten up your site
popping and smoking
popping meerkats!

Christmas Animations

Sadly this year I have not had time to draw a new Christmas Card or new Christmas animations, but here is a link to the old Christmas animations! Sparkly Christmas trees and Snowmen to put on your pages for the Holiday Season. Click on the picture below to visit the old Christmas Animations.

All the animations on these pages are available for you to use as long as you credit the creator of the image, Lisa Konrad, and link back to this site. You may not sell or change the images in any way or use the images on a commercial site without permission. Lisa Konrad retains all copyright. For more information and help on how to download and use the images read the help page. If you have any questions or comments about this site or would like custom made graphics please mail .

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